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Side of Beef (Deposit)


Pick your OWN CUTS!

Please send your deposit to “” and put your contact info in the comments.

We do NOT stock sides of beef. The deposit will reserve an animal for you and we will notify you with our next slaughter date and availability; we slaughter once a month. The balance will be due upon pick up or delivery.

We require you to fill out our cutting form after you have secured your animal. Once we receive your deposit we will contact you.

Remember when buying a half animal you are buying by dressed weight. The sides are weighed when they are first hung to dry-age and over the aging process, the beef loses some of it’s weight through moisture loss. You will lose around 10-15% of the initial dressed weight due to the butchering process. If you would like the organs please specify this in your order. There is no extra charge.

Half animal: $6.95/lb dressed weight

Dressed weight for a side of grass fed beef is roughly between 220-270 lbs, approximate average total price for cut and wrapped beef @ 245 lbs is $1703.

Wondering about freezer space? – Rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for every 35 lbs of wrapped meat. A half beef needs about 8 cubic feet.

Please note that half animals are only available for pick up or free local delivery and can not be shipped.

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